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1997 Dyno VFR

1997 Dyno VFR

Spare Parts build

SOLD.  A friends 8 year old needed a bike.  

Got this frame in a package deal and it didn't sell.   Entire point of this build was to get a nice rider together using as many parts as possible that I already own.   Like BITD, just a fun side build to clean out the shelves.

Frame: 97 Dyno VFR / NSX
Paint: Dupont metallic gray base / clear, leftover 
Fork:  Dyno threaded, had a few, these were scratched
Headset: ?? Best looking parts from a bag of bearings 
Stem: Dyno,  polished, ding in it no one would buy it
Bars: Dyno
Grips: diamondback reused new ODI ends
Crank: ?? Chrome 175, CW175N forging
Chainring:  43t ?? Stripped and polished
Pedals:  GT platform, stripped ano,  PIF Ghostzapper
Chain:  KMC from parted out dyno 
Rims: single wall,  quality is good,can't identify
Rear hub: new quandro
Freewheel: regreased ACS
Front hub: Shimano
Tires: Kenda 
Post: new from close out bikes ebay 25.4 
Clamp: GT polished PIF Ghostzapper
Seat: unknown midschool, $3 craigslist, black pleather
Brakes: new tektro cantilever, had these in a box.
Lever:  LH C-Star, mounted upside down,  polished

Made a good riding spare bike,  my wife has been riding this one,  likes the laid back post.

Possible Changes:
Buy some decals
Add more purple if my wife stays on this bike

Submitted by Indyjps

  • All-Around
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: VFR
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"