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1998 Dyno Slammer

1998 Dyno Slammer

Found a NOS 1998 Dyno Slammer frame and decided to build it.

Here is a 1998 Dyno Slammer bike that I made with lots of midschool parts. The frame was NOS so I found a 1999 GT tour fork that was NOS since it was the same fork that the Slammer originally had and used 1998 Dyno Air fork decals since they were the same font and size as the Slammer's. I found a NOS Dia-Compe headset that was red and similar to the ones that the Show and Tour used. I found the correct GT seat but it has the 7mm steel rails instead of the Slammers 9mm chromoly rails. I found the correct handlebars on a 1997 Slammer so I used those because they used the same bars. I went with the stock NOS Dia Compe Tech 77 levers and a NOS GT piston stem. It's not USA made like the one that came on the Slammer but it was what I had laying around so I used it. I went with NOS anodized red Dia Compe Hombre 996 brakes since they were also laying around and they were similar to the stock black Dia-Compe 990 brakes. I kept the red them going by using NOS red Schinn grips with sparkles and red pedals. I found the stock 39 tooth sprocket on a 1999 Slammer and used it since it's the same sprocket that the 1998 had also. The cranks are the stock length 170mm but they are not the GT/Profile cranks even if they are tubular chromoly like the stock cranks. The tires are NOS 1.95 Primo E Comets and I used them because I had them laying around and they look midschool and were the stock size. The rims are also NOS from 1999 and have GT mohawk hubs but they are not sealed cartridge like the stock wheels. They also dont have the little silver tadpole looking cut outs on the side of the hubs but they are GT, they are 48 spoke wheels so they have the stock amount of spokes even though the stock wheels had radial laced strait spokes in the front wheel and mine have crossed spokes in the front wheel like the Tour and 1997 Slammer and they are flip flop hubs like the stock hubs so I was able to use a higher quality 15 tooth freewheel made by Excess instead of the stock 16 tooth made by ACS. The rims are Diamondback double walled rims with a high polished finish that looks like chrome. I think they are made by Alex rims but they are from 1999 so there midschool and period correct. I wanted the stock chrome Araya Super 7X rims but they are hard to find and expensive. I was trying not to spend a lot of $ making the bike but I was able to find lots of parts that were either GT or from the time period so I am happy with the way the bike looked when I finished it. 

Submitted by The-Elemental-Empire

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: Slammer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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