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1985 Dyno D-30

1985 Dyno D-30

1985 Dyno D-30... Back in 1985 I wanted one pretty bad, but no $$$. By the time I ended up coming up with enough cash, It was already late 1986. I went to a few bike stores, but everyone told me that

Equipment List: 1) 1985 USA Built Dyno D-30 frame & Fork originally-Dyno stamped single plate-Originally sold in New Jersey! 2) GT Performer Bars-Early unstamped 3) GT Layback Seat Post 4) NOS Dyno D-30 Decals in black & white 5) Skyway Graphite Tuff II Alloy Flange Rims 6) Redline 401 180mm Full Wrap Single Pinch Flights with Double Dimple Spindle-Rechromed 7) Redline Techmatic BB 8) GT Epoch Freestyle Headset that came from Caleb-RIP w/NOS Odyssey Gyro in Black 9) NOS GT Stamped Tuf Neck stem w/potts mod 10) Ame Grips w/"Dyno etched" black and white donuts 11) NOS 1985 Dia Comp 901 rear w/black Dia Comp pads & restored Dia Comp 880 front w/black Dia Comp pads. 12) NOS 1985 dated black Dia Comp cables and sliver and black ano Tech 3 levers 13) NOS Black GT BMX seat with white lettering 14) NOS California lite Johar black pads-TT Jumbo & stem pad modified with correct silver grommet in center for potts mod. 15) NOS GT Race Tread Tires with GT Wings 16) Black & White GT Dice with White Lettering 17) NOS Skyway Graphite pedals and polished cages 18) 1985 GT Seat Clamp-OG original untouched in black 19) NOS original GT front fork standers and rear frame standers. Just want to say that the nos GT Freestyle Epoch headset on her came from Caleb before his passing. He was willing to give it up to me for this build even though he had saved it for his own. RIP Caleb and thanks for your help.

Submitted by X33D801969z28

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: D-30
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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