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1996 Dyno VFR

1996 Dyno VFR

Uncommonly Red Beater

Mostly Dyno and GT Parts from Members

After I parted my Redline I needed something to beat around on and also something to prepare for one of my up and coming riders.  Well, he's off his 18" and on this now so I decided to take some better pictures before he destroys it.  I didn't want to spend a lot so I started with a low level Mid-School racer frame and fork I bought here.  Keeping with the theme I bought serviceable rider parts from members here to complete the major systems and bought a few new parts from Porkchop BMX to complete it.  I had the assembled wheels and freewheel but not much else besides the brake lever.  Updated pics posted after switching to GT three piece cranks, black GT pedals, higher gearing, and adding a few decals from eBay.

From Members:

  • Dyno VFR Frame and Fork with headset
  • Dyno stamped bars with A'me grips
  • Dyno stem
  • GT loose ball 8-spline spindle and 180mm cranks
  • GT stamped VP pedals
  • Alloy 46T chain wheel
  • GT seat clamp
  • GT padded seat
  • Chrome seat post

From Porkchop:

  • Chro-Mo chainwheel bolts
  • Stainless KMZ chain
  • Dyno fork washers
  • Front and rear axle nuts
  • Dia-Compe 988 brake set
  • Brake cable wire in stainless
  • A'me plastic bar ends

Done at home:

  • I made the valve stem caps in my press using spent .38 Special brass and left over generic black plastic caps trimmed with a razor blade.
  • I repainted the spider, stem cap bolts, quill bolt, headset upper crown nut and lock nut, seat post bolt with epoxy enamel.
  • The seat clamp was worn and the GT logo was spent so I polished the clamp.
  • I also lightly polished the head of the stem to rid most of the worn look without making it stand out.
  • I used black cable sheath left over from a bike that is now half parted and half thrown away to route the cable
  • Deep cleaning on the grips (that had blown out ends)
  • Installed bar ends that are stronger than soft grips and hid the blown out grips

What I had:

  • Alex alloy 48H rims with stainless spokes and brass nipples, XS (Schwinn) rear hub, Mongoose front hub.
  • Restored (paint and shims) Odyssey brake lever

Sure, the decals are worn and cracked and the paint has chips but there's not many red VFRs in the museum and it cost a lot less than my Cool Streak to build. The only weird part was setting up the cantilever brake but now that it's done, I'm glad I made that choice as it works really well. 

  • Race
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: VFR
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"