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1995 Dyno Slammer

1995 Dyno Slammer

I believe this is around a 1995 Dyno Slammer.

Bought this frame/fork from Dans and I do not remember the year. I purchased it in 97 or 98 but it was listed in their closeouts/sales area and I know it was a discontinued model at the time. It was still the original Dyno Pro Comp frame style however it had the super thick dropouts. Looking at the photo I can see it had 3 pc cranks, but I do not remember what kind was on it. I purchased the frame and fork and built it with spare parts I had so remembering what parts were on it back 15 years ago is just beyond my memory. I know it had Painted AD990 brakes. Back then I would paint the brakes then bake them in an oven so the paint was baked on. It worked very well at keeping paint on items. I also see it had a Fishbone XUFO rotor and Dyno flatland bars off from my 98 Slammer. I also see a brake plate on the rear brakes and the front of the GT seat was trimmed shorter. this bike was a real nice bike but I had 2 other bikes at the time 98 Slammer and a 98 Fishbone so this bike mainly just sat around till I sold it.  The second picture shows I changed the color of the 990's to Yellow. I believe I took the red ones off and put them in my Fishbone so I then painted another set up for this bike. I used Yellow because I had also changed the stem on it and it was a yellow GT mallet stem. I also see that I took off the XUFO and put on an gyro at this point. 

Submitted by jdtman

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: Slammer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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