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1988 Dyno Compe

1988 Dyno Compe

Under Restoration Dyno Compe

I wanted to build an '80s freestyle bike just so I could get a set of Skyways. So, the first things were the new black Skyway mags with sealed bearings and the blue Odyssey Aitken dirt tires. I really liked the Dyno because of its unique pretzel bars, drainpipe seatpost, and the unique front forks. I decided to use a few better parts than original, but vintage for the era. Some parts like the Sinz chainring and the PC pedal will be replaced, just used them so I could ride it. I don't really care for the white trim than seemed to be required on an '80s freestyler, so I went with black and aluminum trim. What I really need is an original set of '88 Dyno Compe decals for the blue model. If anyone could point me into the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a list of current parts:

1988 Dyno Compe frame and fork

Dyno Pretzel handlebars

Dyno Drainpipe seat post

Dyno chrome inverted gooseneck

Oakley B1 type grips

Flite Bright blue grip donuts

Black Ops bar ends

Diacompe Tech 77 levers

Diacompe 883 brakes

Sinz brake shoes (will replace with Skyways)

Odyssey Gyro and cables

Odyssey Slic front cable

Odyssey folding alloy fork standers

Tioga "Original" chrome headset

Peregrine seatpost clamp

GT PC seat (from my '98 GT Dyno Compe - will replace)

Chromoly 1 piece crank - Unknown brand (might replace with Redline Flights)

Tioga chrome Sealed Bearing BB - lucky NOS find

Alloy CD power disc - Unknown brand

Sinz 40T chainring (will replace)

Man-O-War trans. blue PC pedals (will replace with beartraps)

KMC K710SL blue chain

Shimano 16T freewheel

Tioga Slanted blue frame standers

Skyway sealed bearing black PC mag wheels - went modern for safety

Odyssey Aitken blue/tan skinwall 20x2.125 tires (want to replace with blue Odyssey PLyte tires - these Aitkens suck at the park)

Bermuda blue powdercoat - lighter than original color, but matches the NOS frame and fork standers and more eyecatching.

Still need NOS '88 Dyno Compe decals


Here's some updated pics on 12/16/2011. Changes include NOS decals, DYNO seat, and Odyssey Aitkin 20x1.90 blue skinwall tires

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: Compe
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"