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1994 Dyno Slammer

1994 Dyno Slammer


Well, i wanted to do something a little different. It started out as a 92 slammer. I had the NOS decals, and built the bike around them. I dont normally mix years/different decals. But i wanted to have a freestyle machine. So, i chose the 94 slammer and put the 92 decals on it. I matched the NEON Yellow to the thumb print on the NOS decals. I had the frame, forks and bars powdered a Jolly Pop Blue. Lots of lighter blue metal flake in it. List includes: Ultra rare NOS A'ME Bubble font Grips NOS Suntour clamp (powdered NEON Yellow) NOS GT Mallet stem (powdered Neon Yellow) NOS 990 Front and rear brakes with new decals (powdered Neon Yellow) NOS Gyro Refirbished with a new decal (powdered Neon Yellow) Refirbished GT Pegs (powdered Neon Yellow) NOS Flight cranks (powdered Neon Yellow) NOS Dyno Drainpipe seat post New Skyway Tuff II's NOS Odyssey Bermuda tread....RARE blue walls New VP pedals NOS Tioga CD chainring NOS GT power disc NOS GT Chaninring bolts (powdered Neon Yellow) NOS Izumi blue and chrome chain This thing gets your attention.....BAD

Submitted by caezar

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: Slammer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"