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1997 Dyno Compe

1997 Dyno Compe

1997 Dyno Compe restored in an old school throwback with 87 Pro Compe Team decals. This entire project was all to prove to my wife that I could build a bike without buying any parts whatsoever.

I acquired this bike along with a few others from a Cleveland city theft recovery auction.

My wife got annoyed with the amount of BMX in the garage, and because I kept buying bikes & parts. 
So I made a bet with her that I could build a complete bike with only parts I already have. This bike is the result of that bet, however as of today (10.14.22) I still have to finish brakes, pads & gyro, or spintech (depending on which cables I have currently).
This bike is a random hodge podge of parts, so purists might want to leave now
FYI I do not care if my bikes are "as they came" on the showroom. When I was riding actively, I never wanted my bike like it came from the bike shop. I always wanted to add something new and I did not care how I got it lol. 
So that's the mindset I use in building my bikes. It also helps in saving some $ lol

With that said, my builds will be what I think looks cool, and is era appropriate. I realize this bike stretches the era part but in the end idgaf, it looks awesome to me.

All Powdercoating done by Myers Coatings in Canton, OH.

**** The pic with the GT Rebound decals is what I started with from the Cleveland theft recovery auction****
(Obviously the GT Rebound (MTB) decals were an attempt by the thief to obscure the bike)
  • 97 Dyno Compe
  • Repop Black Skyways w/ OS Suntour NOS freewheel
  • SE blackwall blue tires
  • Generic NOS flip down pegs
  • Fake GT NOS frame standers (incorrect GT stamp on stander face)
  • GT 3 piece 8 spline crank (arms powdered black, allen bolts powdered yellow on heads)
  • Fake GT cheesegrater chain ring powdercoated blue 
  • Genuine Odyssey Rx3 levers powdercoated yellow
  • Odyssey seatpost clamp powdered blue with allen & nut yellow
  • Repop 87 Pro Compe Team decals I got on trade
  • Genuine Dyno Pretzel bars - repop
  • KCS Yellow link chain 1/8 
  • Repop fake GT Mallet stem
  • MX blue seat (from Craig Morrow @ Bicycle Heaven)

Not installed
  • Original Gyro is in powder now, but trying to find pieces to my old Spintech stem as well.
  • OG ODI Mushroom Ron Wilkerson grips (not installed yet - stained so I'm dying them this weekend)

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: Compe
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 19.5
  • Headtube size: 1"