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2013 Dkoi XXL

2013 Dkoi XXL


I had this DKOI frame & Risen forks specially powdered in fluorescent red-orange... deeper & richer than the "usual" fluorescent orange.
As you can imagine - VERY difficult to capture in photos....

This thing is soooo in-yer-face !

The RISEN aluminum forks match the style & shape of the 2013 DKOI XXL frame perfectly, IMHO.

The coolest aspects of the DKOI design is the curved down-tube, as well as the cut-out window in the head-tube, through which you can see the steerer tube.

There is a ton of detail in this build, keep looking, and you will find where my time over the last few months was spent ! LOL!

Let me give you a head start with the list of hard-core parts on this "BEST NEW SCHOOL" category winning bike at the 2015 Sydney BMXpo:

Cranks:  PROFILE DESIGN carbon

Chainring:  B-Labs OVAL

Pedals:  FUNN Bigfoot

Hubs:  KORE Hoochie disc cassette hubset 36h

Rims:  ONZA Hog-pierced 32h

Spokes:  half are oil slick/jet fuel, the other 50% are black

Tires:  SCHWALBE Kojak

Headset:  DA BOMB Depth Charge

Stem:  FUNN Stryge

Bars:  custom aluminum... anyone want a guess as to their origin ??

Brakes:  MAGURA hydraulic disc

Rotor:  ALERO superlight floating disc

Seat:  TOKEN carbon w/titanium rails

Chain tensioner:  YESS

Now, did you notice the oval chainring - yes... oval :)

The wheels themselves were a pain-in-the-a$ to build.

Steve (ScaryFast) from Rhythm Racing Components takes the credit for bringing these crazy things out of my imagi-neering into reality!

Basically it was the hubset I wanted to use (36 hole), combined with the rims I wanted to use (32 hole), together with black and jet-fuel/oil-slick spokes & blue nipples.

There are 3 different length spokes on each wheel, as they progress around the circumference... not an easy wheel build, but hey, not impossible with some expertise & finesse !

Just a side note - I've had a few sets of the KORE Hoochie hubs, and I can say that these things are super smooth & spin forever !!!

Also, note that all bolts (including the wheelnuts) are titanium, all in a jet-fuel/oil-slick coloring.

Where's the fun in building the same chit that's already been done a million times before ??!!

Being virtually all aluminum, this bike is CRAZY-light !

Some more pix below:

Bike is now SOLD !

Submitted by version7075

  • Race
  • Company: Dkoi
  • Model: XXL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 22"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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