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2004 DK Colin Winklemann Weapon

2004 DK Colin Winklemann Weapon

Wow, I just won this on ebay.. Direct from Brew Racing!!

this is the ebay ad:

This is the last prototype frame I built for Colin before his approval to be his signature model from DK called "The Weapon". Colin used a black sharpie marking all the changes before the frame went into production by Brew Bikes which I own. I will include a photocopy of the DK Weapon ad also. I am just clearing out some bikes, motorcycles and many other parts the next few days to make needed room in the shop.

If you dont know, Colin was an amazing rider who left us too soon, back in 2005. One of the boldest riders EVER!

Colin Winkelmann (February 26, 1976 – August 11, 2005) was a professional freestyle BMX rider and is the current (2000) World record holder for 'Longest BMX Jump'. He rode for DK Bicycles[1], taking 2nd place in the 2002 Toronto LaRevolution Street contest.

He started riding as a young child in Okinawa, Japan where his father was stationed at a military base. It was in Japan where he first saw magazines and videos about BMX and freestyle and started trying to do some tricks. He was a fearless rider, attempting stunts such as jumping 116 feet over 13 Ford Explorer sport utility vehicles, for which he earned an entry into the Guinness Book of Records. In July 2004, Colin attempted a stunt that involved a ramp mounted on the hood of a van that was driving toward him as he rode toward it. He failed in the attempt, suffering severe injuries, including breaking both ankles, fracturing a vertebra, and breaking several bones in his wrist. He also dislocated his ankle and right foot. He was a bit superstitious - he put his right pads on before his left pads. Colin bought a house in Greenville, NC, right down the street from the skatepark. When not riding freestyle, Colin liked to ride his 2 street bikes, mountain bike and his go-ped.

Born: COLUMBUS, OH USA Birthdate: 02/26/1976 Height: 5 ft 11 in Weight: 180 lbs. Hometown: GREENVILLE, NC USA Occupation: PRO RIDER / DK PRODUCT DESIGNER / BIKE MECHANIC

Because of his post-trauma depression and loss of ability to ever ride again, Colin committed suicide at 29, August 9, 2005 in Greenville, North Carolina

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