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1997 DK General Lee

1997 DK General Lee

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 4130 chromoly steel , DK , GENERAL LEE . The serial number is 330 and it's NOS . This frame saw patented " Girlie Bends"( the chain &seat stay tubes ) for the first time on the DK dj frames . We started to build it in 1999 for a customer that couldn't afford to finish it . The assembler for some strange reason ( high school kid ), put the rear wheel on first . Nothing else was ever installed as evidenced by the photos of the headtube , bottom bracket , and seat tube . It's as close to mint as you can get . There is a blemish on the very underside caused by the frame display holder . The paint is beautiful but the digital camera makes it look like a wet gel in a few of the photos . This frame set the standard for dirt jumpers everywhere pretty much making history with riders Chris Doyle and Todd Wakowiak of DK .

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