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2007 DK Charger 24

2007 DK Charger 24

------- SOLD-------- My first BMX bike ever. Fairly stock other than brakes, seatpost and now pedals.

I used to race both road and mountain bikes, although not very successfully. I sold my Mtn bike in Nov of '06. For Christmas that year, we got our son a 16" bike. He wouldn't ride it, so I figured I'd get a cruiser and he would ride with me. It worked! Since I was used to Mtn bikes, some of the parts I upgraded on my cruiser are sort of from them. My first upgrade was to a RaceFace seatpost. I liked the off-set and picked the one on the bike off of eBay for cheap. It is a bit beaten up, but it works. Next I upgraded to a Paul's Love Lever and Paul's Moto Brake. I had love levers (and the RF seatpost) on my Mtn bike and "loved" them. After riding at the track a number of times, I found that the stock pedals didn't feel right to me, so I just upgraded to Crank Bros 5050XX pedals. I hope to upgrade the wheels someday, but since I am old and fat, I don't need to lighten up the bike yet.

Sold on 14 Aug 2010, returned to stock.

Submitted by muphasta