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1996 DK Pro XL

1996 DK Pro XL

I’m the original owner.

I bought this in January 96 with my paper route money. Recently restored (2020) with many original parts and some not original but period correct. Kasten Mexico frame.

Frame: 1996 Dk XL

Fork: Dk

Cranks: Profiles from the late 90’S solid spindle 

Bottom Bracket: New Profile 

Hubs: Suzue Sealed

Rims: Araya Super 7x

Pedals: Dk

Tires: Reproduction Tioga Comp 3s

Chain tensioners: Reproduction Profiles

Seat Clamp: Original Profile

Stem: Original Red Dk

Seat: Odyssey in most pictures but recently found a Dk dropnose

Brakes: Reproduction Dia Comp Canti

Brake Lever: Reproduction Dia Comp

Handlebars: Late 90s Slams cut

Headset New Dia Comp from Profile’s website

Sprocket: DK 

Submitted by Ecollins99