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2006 Dirt Master Quadangle

2006 Dirt Master Quadangle

Hybrid between Dirt Master Flatty front and Webco rear sections.

 I found this Frame & Fork set hanging in a local bike shop under many layers of dust. I talked Sal Correa (the original welder/shop foreman for SE/Alliant/Dirt Master) about this frame. How this frame came about was, after Alliant closed shop around 2005, Sal was left with a few of the Flatty front sections. He threw them back in the jig and grafted a Webco rear triangle section to it. That explains why this frame has no S/N and is also the only DM frame I have ever seen with 3/8" rear dropouts. (Besides my white "Big Bertha" prototype frame.) This one came with a matching U.S. made Landing Gear fork. This is a beautiful red colored powder, even though it looks a little orange in some of the pics. Dirt Master never made a production "Quad Angle" I just listed it as that based on the bike shop price tag. 

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