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1991 Dirt Brothers Industries Original

1991 Dirt Brothers Industries Original

The Skyway T/A in its true form!

**SOLD 4/9/17**

I bought this Basket-case 5-84 Skyway T/A frame (S/N 0011727) in February 2012, with the intention of building one of the bikes I always wanted back in the day -- built as a T/A should be! Here's a link to this bike as previously submitted to the museum, and here's a link to my build thread. Somewhere along the way, this frame made its way to hboost, who sold it to me. It was in pretty poor shape, as evidenced by pictures throughout my build thread, and from the original owner. Someone with daddy's TIG welder had added a head-tube gusset, a brake bridge behind the bottom bracket shell, and had really poorly welded on double-thick dropouts, in a misguided effort to make the frame stronger (?) I knew I wanted to do this build justice, so I had the frame worked on locally by Biseagal, a shop that cares deeply about cycling and the finished product. It took a good long while, but the results speak for themselves. In a couple of places -- especially at the head tube gusset, the weld had penetrated the down-tube, so what you see as the restored downtube is actually weld, ground down to the original contour of the tube. The work is excellent. Luckily enough, everything was removed with barely a scratch. Under the double-thick dropouts, the original Skyway metal was in excellent condition, down to the Skyway stampings and knurling. 

I always thought of the Dirt Brothers as the Black Sheep of the BMX community in the early 90's, and so I went with a reversed color scheme, white-on-black. Powder was shot locally again, at Bright Side Customs (excellent work again, and a very reasonable price. Anybody in and around Toronto who needs Powder done, check them out!) Parts came together slowly, over a number of months, and ultimately what I ended up with is exactly how I would have build the f/f up in 1991.  

Frame: Skyway T/A, purchased from member hboost. 
Fork: correct early 90's Redline tapered, from member hboost.
Stem: DK XL from member ridingdirty42
Bars: Uncut Redline Race Forklifters, from member Glenny.
Grips: NOS GT/A'Me
Front wheel: Sweet purple OGK five-spoke, from the 'bay. 
Rear wheel: '86 Ukai 36 / SR loose ball hub, from member Brandonio. Wheel restoration by me. 
Brake: NOS Shimano 750 centre-pull brake, from the 'bay.
Lever: Good Rider-condition Black / silver Tech 7, from member getmoney. Thanks Dave! 
Cable: '91 dated black Dia Compe, from the 'bay.
Brake Pads: My original Vans brake 'shoes' from bitd. 
Gyro: No. 
Crank: NOS Odyssey Excalibur 175mm, from member esp_mini_wi.
Sprocket: NOS Havok / Odyssey Sprocket-Pocket, with NOS Odyssey Torque Converter power disc and 42T sprocket. 
Pedals: NOS Victor VP-555, from the 'bay.
Rear tire: NOS Black-wall Comp ST, from member johnu773.
Front Tire: NOS Black-wall Comp III, from the 'bay.
Seat: Rider-condition Black '89 Viscount / Dyno, from the 'bay.
Post: Excellent Rider-condition '88 Haro layback.
Clamp: Inverted NOS Odyssey Pozi-stop.
BB: NOS YST 24t 'Sealed mechanism' 
HS: New Tioga Beartrap II, from the 'bay, and Norco headlock, from member Glenny.
Pegs: No.

Better pics as soon as I have time for a photo shoot!

Submitted by OG'89