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Dirt Bike Co. (2010–2012)

Dirt Bike

I started Dirt Bike Co. to be able to offer simple, well constructed BMX products for all varieties of riding, and to be able to offer them at a reasonable price. I wanted to see more rider owned companies and I knew one of the best ways to see this happen was to start my own. I love riding and I love dirt, I love digging it, riding on it and just plain love dirt and everything it represents to me. Trails and dirt are an ever changing and mouldable resource that can be one thing at a time and at another something entirely different. I also wanted to be able to encourage younger riders to dig and to enjoy trails as we have since the start of the sport. Sometimes it seems far too easy to head to the skatepark instead of digging, so I want to make sure that I remind myself and everyone I come into contact with that concrete quarters can never replace the feeling of flowing through a good set of trails with that familiar noise of tires on dirt. I have been racing BMX for 20 years so far and have had a passion for riding on dirt ever since. I was introduced to trails 12 years ago and was immediately hooked.

I have been involved in nearly every aspect of BMX, I have worked in bike shops, raced BMX meetings, designed tracks, built trails, built pump tracks designed products and plenty more. I love this sport and I want to see it grow and progress, above all my involvement as a rider and from working with BMX as an industry I have at all times been a consumer. This is why I believe DBC is a company with the riders at the forefront of our minds. Not only do we understand that you are riders but also our customers and because of that I wanted to make sure I designed and made products that I would want to buy myself. So I did. -Calum Laird

Grab a shovel, go dig and build something it’s the best part of riding these little kids bikes we love so much.

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