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1983 Direct Link

1983 Direct Link

I always admired Jon's DL and always wanted to get my hands on 1 day a friend of mine gives me a call and let's me know 1 maybe up for sale and gave me the number.  Lucky for me it was from a collector who took great care of this example-a lightly built NOS frame set.  No serial number and an undrilled fork.  I really didn't know what I was going to do for a color scheme as the yellow stickers always  kept me guessing.  I really never had a real plan and would pick up parts when I thought I would see something that I would think would look good.  I always wanted a nice HF hub because of the way the rear drop outs would give a great view of the hubset.  So one day I saw the padset and the rest of the parts fell into place even thought the stem pad was a double pad that I had a seemstress alter into a regular width pad.  THE PARTS:


F/F set-                                 1983 DIrEcT LiNk by REACH BMX Systems

Headset-                               NOS TANGE 320 sealed chrome

Headset Lock-                       NOS TANGE LP-440 black w/ NOS SST Dirt Skirt black

Grips-                                     Mint OAKLEY B-2's

handlebars-                           GHP Pro bars re-BLACK Chromed by BUSH Polishing (same people that did it in 1983) NOS decal

Stem-                                     Mint 2nd generation ESP stem by Flying W BMX

Saddle-                                  NOS ELINA dated '83

Seat Post-                             NOS RACE Inc. Lay back

Seat Post clamp-                   NOS TANGE in BLACK

PADS-                                    NOS Chrome ZAPS

Brake Lever-                         NOS Shimano DX in Black

Caliper-                                 Mint DC MX-1000 in Black

Brake pads-                          NOS SKYWAY Pros in black with GOLD fins

Front Tire-                             NOS Blue/Green COMP IV 2.125

Rear Tire-                              NOS IRC 80x 1.75

Hoops-                                  NOS Black Ambrosios

Hubs-                                    MINT 2nd generation SST's-never polished all OG hardware

Spokes-                                NOS Black ASAHIS

Freewheel-                           Mint Chrome Shimano 333 16T

Cranks-                                MINT Shimano DX Polished with 130 bcd Spider

Pedals-                                 NOS Black Shimano DX's

Cring-                                   NOS Takagi 43T chainring and Black bolts

Chain-                                  NOS SEDIS two Tone chain





Submitted by JS-44SDS

  • Race
  • Company: Direct Link
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"