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1985 Diamond Back Formula 1

1985 Diamond Back Formula 1

clean, mean MACHINE 80s Style

This was a bike I picked up second hand from an old man, he had no idea what it was.. couldn't believe it was sitting in a garage and he was going o trash the bike !! Rite time rite place to my luck... It had spray paint all over the original Formula 1 rims and hubs.. what a job cleaning them up,  but they  look really nice, so many tiny areas between spokes and hub mounts.. paint everywhere....

The frame and forks and bars are Original DB  as well as cranks , pedals  chain ring ,  the rest I cleaned up put  it back to a  a look that I had back in the 80s..on my old smoked chrome Leary , wish that was still around...  This DB  has a DK stem,  AME grips,  and a few newer items,  true Racer style...  low profile bars  would not accompany a nice Haro racing  plate I wanted to put on it , but it still turns heads..

Submitted by CJRADD

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