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1996 Diamondback Viper

1996 Diamondback Viper

Bare metal with clearcoat

A friend gave this Viper to me.  It was a bit weathered so I tore it down, stripped and re-coated it with clear coat, got some old tuff II's and rebuilt it.  I would prefer to have comp III's or snake bellys on it, but it's okay for now.  The previous owner of the tuffs tried to dye them black from their original blue, using Rit clothing dye.  However, they ended up navy blue.  They almost have a purple tint to them if you look at them in the right lighting conditions.  The rear tuff is coaster and the hubs on both are steel as opposed to aluminum.  I rode and jumped it a few times, but unfortunately bent the cranks down upon a couple of hard landings.  It seems as though my weight has increased since I was a teenager.  Not so good for cheap one-piece cranks.  Still, the overall bike is pretty cool and I got the bare metal frame with dark tuff wheel combination that I wanted.

Submitted by bigfattires

  • Race
  • Company: Diamond Back
  • Model: Viper
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame & Fork: DB Viper (bare metal w/ clear coat) Wheels: Gen. 1 Skyway Tuff II's (steel hub flange) (Rear Coaster) - dyed Stem: DB Bars: DB Seat: DB Pedals: MKS Graphite Cranks: Sugino 175

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