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1984 Diamond Back Viper

1984 Diamond Back Viper

An upgraded Viper!!

I bought this Viper in the US and got it shipped to Barcelona, where I upgraded it a little. I always wanted to have a Turbo, but as I may never be able to afford one, I "turborized" the Viper. 

The last pic shows the original condition on the bike. 

Parts list: 

Bars: Diamond Back
Grips: Fuan (in REAL need for a new set at a payable price!)
Seat: Aero
Padset: repop Diamond Back
Seat post: Porkchop
Seat clamp: The one that came originally on the bike
Brake lever: Dia Compe Tech 3 repop
Brake caliper: Dia Compe MX900 repop
Power disc: Porkchop
Chain ring: unknown (NOS)
Pedals: SR
Cranks: Generic chromoly cranks with Profile repop decals on a sealed bearing Redline BB
Tires: Duro Comp III
Rims: Ambrosio
Hubs: BH (may be SR)

Submitted by oscar422

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