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1983 Diamond Back Senior Pro

1983 Diamond Back Senior Pro

Saved from a rusty fate

Got this from original owner.  Sat under his car port since late '84.

This bike was RUSTY. Headset, seat pole, bars solid set in rust, finished. The spokes: toast.   The frame was coated rust brown. The only chrome was under the remains of the decals.

Anodized parts were not faded at all, but dirty & marked.

Cranks/chain/freewheel had a heap of old cruddy grease coated, which saved them.  

The best thing to come out of the 'deal' was a full set of NOS OEM spare decals.   It looked totalled.


Frame: Senior Pro frame, Forks: '83 dated Koizomi

OEM Sugino Diamondback cranks, JP sealed bottom bracket, KKT Lightning pedals

OEM Suntour seat clamp, Viscount Dyna seat, lay-back pole.

OEM Sugino Diamondback stem,  Tioga Beartrap II headset (update), Skyway repro bars, AME round grips.

NOS Dia-Compe MX-901 calipers, '84 dated cables uncut, DC levers. 

OEM ARAYA 7X shiny-side rims, Suzue hubs, Suntour freewheel, SS spokes, Kenda Tyres.

OEM HKK smoker chain.

Repro Diamondback pad set.


Bike turned out well, considering the amount of rust on it.   Chrome 7/10.


The '83 DB Team rides again!


Submitted by BMXmadDave

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