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2012 Diamondback Nitrus Jr

2012 Diamondback Nitrus Jr

Custom Diamondback Nitrous Junior

We started out with a $200.00 factory Black & Red Nitrus, I stripped it down and had it sand blasted and powder coated Monster Green to match his helmet that I had 6 months before I ever got him the bike. I changed everything on it except the frame, the first thing I did was the color then stickers, Answer Ti wheels, tires, seat, cranks, all sealed bearings and other small things. Since this picture was taken I have added Answer Carbon bars & Dagger forks a uni seat, sealed headset a hollow chain, and clipless pedals. I recently purchased him a Reactor Mini because this one is a tad bit big for him so i'm having the mini powder coated in the exact green with the same stickers.

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