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1981 Diamond Back Mini Pro

1981 Diamond Back Mini Pro

1981 Diamondback Mini Pro

Hi All,

Got this from Sparky in a trade we did some time back and have finally got it finished.

I wanted something a little different and ended up basing it on a PK Ripper I had seen... The theme was red and gold.

I had an absolute pig of a time putting this together. The cranks caused mee no end of grief. For some reason the DB cranks wouldn't fit so I had to bang some Maxxy Cross cranks on.....



Frame/Fork - 81 Mini Pro - Paint: Candy Red by Spray Chief paints in Adelaide

Cranks - Maxy Cross - Rechromed

Brakes - Rear NOS 890's, with NOS Tech 4 lever and stamped cables

Bars - DB Turbolite - polished 

Grips - Ames

Stem - DB Sugino - OG finish

Headset - Tange MX2

Seat - Kashi - Recovered with decals from Retrospect

Post - Chrome generic

Clamp - SR - OG finish

Wheels - NOS Turbolite

Tires - NOS Comp III Rainbow labels 

Decals - Custom from Retrospect - absolutely fantastic guy!!

Pads - Custom repops from Steve at esemdesign - absolutely fantastic guy too!!