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1979 Diamond Back Pro

1979 Diamond Back Pro

1979 Diamondback beast of a rider

Picked this up from ebay and decided to turn it in to my daily rider....

came with some nice parts, and the bike was in great condition. Chrome was excellent and no issues at all.

I love the geometry of this frame and being 6' and 200lbs it needed to be a big frame! Rides beautifully.



Frame/Fork - 79 Diamondback Pro (survivor) 


Pedals - MKS Diamondback

Brakes - Rear 890's, with pre bents and stamped cables

Bars - DB Pro stamped

Grips - Ames

Stem - DB Red anno survivor

Headset - Tange MX2 (Norm)

Seat - Kashi Five Gold DB

Post - Strong Layback

Clamp - SR 

Wheels - Skyway Tuff II's (New version(

Tires - Crap, to thrash out on

Decals - Custom from Retrospect - Got a custom headtube decal to match my initials too!!!

Pads - Custom repops from Steve at esemdesign




Submitted by KD1975