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1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

I remember the day I picked this one out........

I believe I was in 5th or 6th grade at the time. This is the third and last bike I owned as a kid. I went with my parents to the local bike shop 3 months before Christmas that year. I picked it out and we put it on lay-away for my Christmas gift. I remember in the following weeks buying a Zeronine number plate and putting it on my shelf, displayed while waiting for (at the time), the best Christmas ever. This bike was raced at several tracks in New Jersey....Washington Park in Pequannock....Oakland....The Tennis Courts in Wayne....Braddock in North Bergen. Fun times.


October 2013 : This bike has been dismantled for a year or so while I collected parts to build it back right. In the process now. 

January 2014 : Finishing this up for the Spring build off. 

February 2014 : Finished for Spring build off.

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