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1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak

1983 Diamondback Silver Streak

Year/model is a guess based on forum feedback and serial #. Dressed in Senior Pro decals. I bought this years ago on eBay as a near-complete bike (minus wheels & chain) for under $50 with the frame being the only Diamondback part. I've changed out many of the parts which came with it but kept the fork, cranks/pedals, seat post/clamp, and rear brake caliper.

Chromoly Diamondback frame
Chromoly Dyno fork
Black OGK mags
White street tires
Black GT-stamped Viscount seat
Black GT seatpost clamp
Chrome unknown seat post
Chrome Black Ops stem
Chrome unknown pretzel handlebars
Black/Gray ODI Rogue grips
Black/Chrome Tektro brake levers
Black Tektro front brake
Black Dia-Compe MX-style rear brake
Black Wellgo pedals
Unknown sprocket and cranks
Rattle Snake gyro detangler
Chrome unknown forkstanders
Chrome Black Ops rear axle pegs
Re-pop Diamondback Senior Pro decal set

Submitted by Brix

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