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1982 Diamond Back Moto One

1982 Diamond Back Moto One

My original NEW BMX bike from 82'

Christmas 1982.  My brother just got his 1982 Schwinn Thrasher and for once I got exactly what I asked for... 1982 Diamondback MOTO ONE! Black and chrome! Rad Pads, Dia Comp MX brake and all!


Now all these years later, I was off work with an injury and decided it is time to restore my Moto One and my brothers Schwinn Thrasher.  The Thrasher is done and is already in my bikes. 


I had started to strip the paint off the frame in about 1985, so I found another original MOTO ONE with factory decals.  I had saved all the original parts. I took the chain guard off before even riding it around the house that Christmas morning!  Still have it in a box though.  Everything had been in my fathers storage building just as I left it in 1985 because it was legal driving time and BMX bikes would have to wait.


I had the frame powder coated in Ink Black and started cleaning and reinstalling all the original parts.


Original Diamondback bars, stem (gooseneck), Dia Comp MX rear brake, cranks (sugino), chain, chain wheel, seat post, seat post clamp, Rad Pads in black and silver, wheels, forks, Oakley style grips, Flite hand grip rings, and reproduction Tech III tires.  Using my other Moto One, I had some reproduction decals made in silver for this one.


The Moto One's are not well known.  They were produced with the "1" in the gussett along with the Diamondback Pro Star gussett of the same years.  No where near the high end Turbo Diamondbacks soon to arrive, but with the heavy duty rims and spokes, I could not hurt this bike.


To me, this is one of the best memories of my childhood.  Riding with my brother and friends. A time in my life where all I had to worry about was having the balls for the jump coming up around the next corner! 



  • All-Around
  • Company: Diamond Back
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"