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1992 Diamond Back Tailwhip

1992 Diamond Back Tailwhip


Picked up this all original survivor DB a while back.  Has a pretty nice set up and is in great condition considering.  Has a good selection of accesories that came stock with the bike(ACS pro rotor, Slant neck, ect)  This is the Mag version of the bike.  It needs a good once over to get it proper.  Im diging the chrome flip-up fork standers.  I need to fid some stock grps for this bike.  the ones on it are alright but the ends are poked thru.  Let me know what yall think or if you have seen this model befor.

Update: 09/22/2009

Finally got around to working on this bike.  I figure since its the only complete original Mag Tailwhip on the site I needed to.  I replaced the ugly bmx black wall tires with some NOS Cheng Shin freestyle tires.  Also added some NOS ODI Toadstools, chain,  and some black metal gary fisher pedals since those parts were in bad shape.  I plan on doing a little more clean-up and some brake work and be done with her.  Enjoy