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2001 Diamond Back Skindog

2001 Diamond Back Skindog

Purchased the bike from a seller on Mercari. Didn't know much about the bike other then photos posted on the web sight. It was pretty much all there except the wheels. The bike was very neglected and

I purchased this bike from a seller on Mercari. The bike was mostly complete and the price with shipping was reasonable. The bike was very dirty and neglected. Once I was able to look it over in person. I stripped it down of all the parts and degreased and washed everything. I used some model paint to try and touch up some of the chips and scrapes. I was very pleased with how this worked out. It really brought the bike to a very presentable state. I scrubbed and polished a lot of smaller bits and pieces with some rubbing compound and paint polish and wax. Most of the hardware I cleaned with a wire brush and some sponge type sanding blocks to remove rust along with some chrome polish and q tips. I purchased some brand-new parts to help with cosmetics and functionality. The seat, pivotal post, 3 peace cranks, Pedals, chain, chain sprocket, wheels, tires, tubes & grips were purchased new. Everything else is as it came to me just refurbished or cleaned up. I really tried to keep it as OG as possible and make it my own in the process. I really like who it has turned out. 

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Diamond Back
  • Model: Skindog
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: Stock
  • Seattube angle: Stock
  • Toptube length: Stock
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Seatpost size: 25.4mm
  • Details Wheels - Skyway Tuff 2's with 14mm rear axle and 3/8 inch front axle. Tires - Cult, Vans Blk, Wht, Gry camo Demolition twisted pedals Blk/Whit 9/16 inch Salt Rookie 3 peace cranks with adaptor for American Bottom Bracket and sealed bearings Diamondback contrast cut sprocket 44T YBN Chain Blk/ Silver w/ master link Odyssey pivotal seat post 200mm BSD ALVX Feedback seat 990 Rear brake calipers - Sanded, Primed & Painted Gloss Blk. Hardware cleaned by hand and reassembled Odyssey Gyro - Cleaned with Chrome polish and lubricated with fresh spray white grease. Cables were cleaned with degreaser and the metal parts were sanded, masked off, primed & Painted Gloss Blk. Cables lubricated with spray lube Frame, Forks, Handle bars - Were degreased washed and let dry. I touched them up with model paint on some of the really nasty chips and gouges in the paint. Then I polished the parts for reassembly Brake lever - Was completely taken apart. I sanded the parts to bare metal then Primer, Gloss Blk paint. Cleaned all the hardware by hand with sanding pads and wire brushes. Touched up the hardware with model paint. Stem is factory and cleaned up very nice. Again I degreased the parts and washed them and let dry. I then used rubbing compound and paint polish and wax to help bring back some life into the part. The hardware was cleaned of the rust and polished with chrome polish and I used some light model paint to clean up the inside of the allen key holes.