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1982 Diamond Back Medium Pro

1982 Diamond Back Medium Pro

: SOLDNot too many of these in the museum...


So, here is my fourth find, a 1982 Diamondback Medium Pro. I started getting back into BMX bikes about 3 months ago with a thrift store 1999 Diamondback Viper. This was followed by a huge score just last week. I picked up TWO 1982 E.T. Kuwaharas at a thrift store. I’m pretty sure that no matter how much I look I’ll never do as well as that find. This Diamondback was my first purchase outside of the thrift stores, as it came from an auction. So naturally, I spent more than thrift store prices on this one.

The way you see it is the way I found this one, minus a little dirt. I like to clean them up just a little and then post them the way I found them. So far my BMX hobby consists of the hunting and purchasing. I’m not sure if I will get the restoration bug or not, but it is tempting especially since that's what I did with friends in the 1980’s. Being somewhat OCD the hunting is good for me right now. When I finally got this Diamondback picked up form the auction I thought it was a Silver Streak. Thanks to the forums here and especially to Mark at it became clear that it was actually a Medium Pro. I’m learning a lot from the bmx museum site and this community. I’ll keep looking for the bikes and you  keep looking for me to post them as I find them-if I can find room to keep them...

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