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1997 Diamondback Reactor Team

1997 Diamondback Reactor Team

Rare Diamond Back Team, fully restored build time 2 years. Frame sent to waza007 for ball burnish.

I was lucky to find a NOS decal set which I immediately sent to Waza for reproduction. I also found a 1997 DB catalogue which gave the list of components to look for. It took me a while to work out why I couldn’t find the gold slasher hubs .........they only came on this team model, all other anodised colours you could buy individually but not the gold. After about a year of waiting a set popped up on the bay a guy had cut them out of the rims listed them complete with cut spokes ha ha I grabbed them. The seat is not OG and it would be impossible to find a NOS one as it’s padded and has DB stitching only for the team. I managed to find NOS pedals, chain wheel, grips.
In my opinion this DB is amongst the last of the true mid school gems.

Submitted by Lewis