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1976 DG Racer

1976 DG Racer

DG Racer assembled in late 1976.

Through the Bike Shop I worked at in 1973-1974, Gary's Bike Shop, Gary Davis and I (with help from others) organized and ran some of the first BMX races in the KC, MO area starting in 1975.  Gary sold some of the first dedicated BMX products in the area and I bought a WEBCO frame and then in late 1976, sold it to buy this DG Racer.  

 From my days at JC Penney, I acquired the disc brake assembly used on their premier ten speed bikes.  

The later owner of the shop, Rick Schmedley (who's grandson now runs The Bike Shack in Lee's Summit, MO), helped create these personalized number plates.  Even after four decades, mine is still in great shape.  
The bike has an assortment of components which, at the time, were state-of-the-art and/or strong.  I used an Ashtabula stem, Takagi MX long crank, Oury grips, a Teflon-lined low-drag brake cable, Union pedals, a Messenger seat and the crank dust cap from the (Silver) Fox BMX bike sold by JC Penney.  It has NANKANG tires and the front hub is a 36 hole Normandy (French) hub and it has a Shimano rear hub and a very early single speed freewheel.  The  protective pads were custom made by Jim Sistrunk.  

Submitted by VOETOM

  • Race
  • Company: DG
  • Model: Racer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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