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1979 DG Racer 2

1979 DG Racer 2

I got this bike for Christmas in 1979, It originally was white/red components. I cracked the frame on the chainstay crossbar and retired it for a while. Later I took it to school and had my metal shop teacher weld up the crack, painted it green and put white components off of a GT performer and rode ramp with it. Everyone at that time was riding GT Performers, Haros, and Hutch Trick Stars.  Then there was me rockin' my green/white DG, that got some attention.  Right after high school I would have friends come over and play air hockey in my garage, so it got painted again, blue this time, and we would drink beer, play air hockey, and trade off riding it around in the middle of the night through the neighborhood, it was a lot of fun. I believe it got dismantled for space in the garage to fit my car in there to work on it. So it finally retired to the top of a freezer, avoiding many trips to the dump. (luckily). 

    Years later I saw it sitting up on that freezer and thought I'd build it back up again with a few parts I had lying around in boxes and on shelves that also avoided the garbage can. I rode it around for a few more years until my son got old enough to ride bikes and gave it to him to ride. It's now mine again since he's now an adult, and isn't interested in these old bikes like I am.

This bike has always as long as I've owned it been a thrasher, even when I got it at 10 years old. It deserves to get a full on restoration but it wouldn't seem right to me to do that, maybe someday. 

If I had to get rid of every bike I have and keep one, this one would be the one I'd keep. 40 years of memories would be tough to replace.

  • Race
  • Company: DG
  • Model: Racer 2
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"