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1979 DG Racer

1979 DG Racer

1979 DG Racer (possibly a team frame)? THIS BIKE IS SOLD!

I bought this frame from a member here on the Museum.  I was told it was a 79, so that is what I'm going with.  When I was about 14 (1978) i had a Schwinn Scrambler.  A couple of brothers (one a year older and one two years younger) raced on very LOUD yellow bmx bikes.  They were DG.  I remember the first time I saw one because you could see it from across the race track.  Anyway, these were pretty hard to come by in the late 70's, so I never had one, until now.  Chip Bowers (C4Labs) powder coated the frame DG yellow.  I had him polish and powder the headset, stem, cranks, hubs, and rims translucent blue.  THEY LOOK AWESOME!  As always, I had a great time building this bike.  Enjoy and thanks for looking!

Bike Components:

- frame - 1979 DG Racer (Possibly a team frame)?
- fork - NOS Tange TX 1200  (OG finish and decals)
- decals - NOS headtube, Repop gusset
- headset - Mint Cycle Pro (powder C4)
- Mint  squareback Tuf neck, Tiger stamp (powder C4)
- bars - NOS Wald (with original price tag of $9.30!)
- brake lever - Mint Shimano prebent with yellow lever sleeve
- brake caliper - Mint Shimano Tourney

- brake pads - NOS yellow Skyway tuff pads with NOS gold fins
- cable - NOS Shimano
- seat - NOS blue KMX
- seat post - Mint blue fluted
- clamp - NOS yellow Addicks
- cranks - Mint Shimano 600 (powder C4)
- bottom bracket - Mint Cook Bros. Racing
- pedals - NOS yellow Kingsbury
- chain - NOS Izumi
- rims - Mint Weinmann (powder C4)
- hubs - refinished Bullseye (powder C4)
- tires - used NTKK snake belly (great tread)
- pads - DG repop
I have to thank Chip Bowers at C4Labs.  He powdered the frame yellow.  Then he powdered the headset, stem, cranks, rims and hubs translucent blue to give the effect of anodized aluminum.  THANKS MY FRIEND!!

  • Race
  • Company: DG
  • Model: Racer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"