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1975 Dan Gurney Eagle Deluxe

1975 Dan Gurney Eagle Deluxe

Hard Tail Double Loop

When I was ten This is  how I rolled. In the picture its 1975 and it looks like I'm not happy hanging out with my sister. The bike came new with MX60 wheels but I traded them (stupid kid)  Thanks to the museum I was able to find all the parts needed for the build . This was my first bike, now I have it again. out of my ten various  bikes its my favorite . Well sense this build I had the opportunity to talk to Alex Gurney at Laguna Seca. During our conversation you know the bike came up and I had to know if his Dad knew about them being built. He told me that his father knew and was involved with the bikes, Alex still has one, its a suspension model. I have heard different stories a bought his knowledge of them being built. by the way Alex won his race that day.  

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