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Dale Racing (1982–1985)

12.13.2009...Hey, Pete Dale from Dale Racing here.

Yes, we were at the Nationals at North Park in 1983.  Our best team finish was Tommy Hartman, who won the 12 Expert class.

There were 50 framesets made, a few in Black and the rest in Chrome.  CW Racing produced my production framesets, another company (I forget the name now) did my 2 prototypes.  (The one in the pic in the writeup from BMX Action was my second proto.)

I graduated from high school in 1985 and shut the company down to head off to college.

When I started the company in like 1982, the market was pretty wide open, but by the time I got into production, the market started getting pretty crowded, and it would have taken a lot of capital to get it going on a national level.  ($3000 per month for a full color ad in BMX Action, a lot of money at the age of 16!)

Sure was fun to have a company when I was a teenager, and I used the proceeds to help fund the travel costs for racing.  I really liked the handling of the production bike as well!

The only reason I found this post was because my 14-year-old daughter Googled Dale Racing, pretty cool of her to do.  She rides my original bike from the 80's, I still have it and it is in working order...

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