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1985 Cycle Pro Competitor

1985 Cycle Pro Competitor

1985 Dod Sun frame.... fully intact, well used, repainted several times, inspected close to raw and not a ding in her..... lovely fodder for resto.

1985 Dod Sun frame for Cycle Pro with serials DS 50411XXX. Not sure if all at this time were "Greg Hill" signatures - so maybe others can help here. Frame off fleabay for $20 - seller said he thought was early Redline, I took a punt as usual for low bucks... then researched. Many layers of paint stripped back including blue, purple, some black - even some orange on top tube,  but OG was white. It took at least 4-5 paint strips to reveal the serial with cheap auto stripper, could have scrubbed away but just lathered it up and hosed off repeatedly until only primer / powder coat remains ( very stubborn) left in patches. For age it is testament to the build quality from Taiwan from Dod Sun, it is obviously well ridden / loved / abused etc and the steel / welds are still ace.......

**** 17' Sold, sent to Melbourne and have later seen the restored bike... punter chose a white cycle pro job... it turned out ace...

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