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1977 Cycle Pro Spoiler

1977 Cycle Pro Spoiler

Spoiled Rotten

I picked this one on eBay awhile back.  I may change a few parts here and there to cater to my preferences but we'll see.  I was very happy to find this one.  I've had a few blue Spoiler's but never seen a red one before.   She's no carpet queen but she's in pretty good shape and the ano is still red.  She also has the bi-secting weld on the floval tube.



Cycle Pro Spoiler Frame

Cycle Pro Seat Post Clamp

Rampar Fork

Race Inc. "Tall" Bars

Race Inc. Seat Post

Viscount MX Seat 

Araya 7B/7C Rims

Takagi OPC

Takaki Spider

Winner Cirle Grips

Generic Double Stem