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1978 Cycle Pro Spoiler

1978 Cycle Pro Spoiler

Spoiled Rotten II

I picked up this sweet little thing last week on eBay for a song.  The frame is immaculate, I couldn't believe the condition.  The shorter rear gusset and the abscence of a "bi-secting" weld, point to a 1978 birth date. 


I asked the seller if he had a bit of history on her, so I thought I'd pass it on here:

"I have owned the bike for a lot of years but I am not the original owner. The bike had been stored inside Iowa barn with all the parts currently on it. When I lived there I bought it in a heartbeat. You will know why, as this is in impeccable original condition for age. I was and still am, a 1980's bmx enthusiast; therefore, I could appreciate the history and quality of this Race Inc. build  Yes not all original but an awesome bike. I intended to keep it for good. But my wife said some stuff has to go.  Sounds bad but my son rode it a few times and then I said enough and gave him my old redline cause I didn't want it used? Although they were meant to be used and abused I couldn't bring myself to it so it remained stored inside for years again".


p.s. I will be making proper changes to her as the correct parts surface, (CP Shotgun seat, CP clamp, CP forks, etc.) but wanted to preserve this story as well as the seller's related picture/s here on the museum.