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1977 Cycle Pro Foiler

1977 Cycle Pro Foiler

Loved building this.

Well where to start, first of all I have a few people to thank. A very big thanks to Ash( Kungfunky ) for sorceing and and letting me have the frame and A big thanks to si ( darkdiggler ) for your help once again. But the biggest thanks goes to Steve ( Animal ) for bringing the frame back to life, without u Ste this frame would of been on the scraphep. All these people are off Radbmx.

The frame turned up from the U.S  in a very sorry state, there were dings all over the frame the dropouts were  chued up and the back left side was Completely snapped off, so it was sent Straight to Steve to see if anything could be done. Steve said no probs but it might take a bit of time to sort it.
Well after about 4 months Ste send me it back and i could not believe the work he had done on it, as u can see from the pics it was Absolutely top class work.
Well next to come was to get it Reanodised and looking good Easier said than done, when I got it back from the Anodisers it looked bob on. So we started to build it up. As the BB was put on we Saw finger prints all over the frame, I could not believe it as there was only a few days left to MK. off it when back to the Anodiseds . I Finally got it back with just one day left to get it built for MK. So the build got on the way once again trying our hardest not to touch the frame lol. In the end it all came together no probs and It won second place in the vintage race Section at MK so I was buzzing to fook.
So here it is my 1977 cycle pro foiler, hope you like it as much as I do . Cheers.  SOLD

Frame : 1977 cycle pro foiler
Forks :  NOS race inc ( cheers Andy ) 
Bars : just a set of 70s bars ( Unknown name )
Stem : CEBE
Crank : sr apex
Pedals : NOS HTT rat trap
Chain : Izumi 
Seat : Kashimax super pro
Seatpost : fook knows lol
Seatclamp : PLME
Wheels : araya 501 ( pre 7b)
Brake :  weinmann caliper
Lever: dia-compe prebent
Tyres : Carlisle aggressor mx200
Grips : oury.

Submitted by denzil

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