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1977 Cycle Pro Foiler

1977 Cycle Pro Foiler

1 of my favs

long time ago i had a race inc blue ano.  way before i realized what it was.  i built it up with what i thought at the time was junk parts.  you know lame stuff like maxi cross cranks kkt pedals mx brakes tange forks the 1s with the flat edges front and back side of the blades.  anyway i built it up cuz i was told it was a pk ripper.  after i was told it was not i got mad sold off all the parts and soon after sold the frame for like 40 bucks.  i was a kid so sue me.  years later i find out it was a race inc and now worth a truck load since the 1 i had was near mint.  so my point is after many years trying to track down another 1 i came across this 1 now it may not be the race inc i had but its close enough untill i can get the same year and color as the 1 i sold.

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