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1981 Cycle Pro Mity Macho 16

1981 Cycle Pro Mity Macho 16

My first bike all tuned up and ready to roll again.

For some reason my parents held on to this thing all these years.  I went and got it from their garage a few months back so I could build it up for my nephew.  At one point I was going to make it a pit bike so I removed the bars, stem, seat, and seatpost.  Those got lost at some point.  I found replacements, and rebuilt the hubs/coaster brake, bottom bracket, and headset.  I also bought new pads, numberplate, tires, chain, and grips to make it look like it did back in the day.  It has been a lot of fun bringing this thing back to life.  Check out the OG picture of me jumping!  Hope my nephew loves this thing as much as I did.

Not positive on the year, but I am quite certain my Dad bought it for me in 1981. 

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