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1990 Block

1990 Block

#10 of ONLY 100 made , 1 Year Only !!

OK This is a Cyclecraft made Block Frame & Forks , if you look at the drop outs you will see that they are diferent then the traditional cyclecraft drops ... There are only a few of these still around , i believe there is 4 known out of 100 as of now ...

This is the only set with the Dirtlegz forks with the double welded dropouts ..

I put this together pretty quick with alot of help from other members and Lou did a outstanding job on the paint while ultrahive did a kick ass job on the custom chrome decals ...


Black Araya 7x / Polished Bullseyes

Fred Z Chrome Bars

Oxcart Pro Stem

MX1000 Polished w/Polished Tech 3

Kashimax Aero Seat

GT Profile Cranks

JP Pro Pedals

Izumi Chain

DK 1st Gen Clamp

Comp III Rainbow Labels

Submitted by oneluv1979

  • Race
  • Company: Block
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details can we get a side shot as first pic please..

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