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1988 Cycle Craft Pro XL

1988 Cycle Craft Pro XL

My dream race bike

Old build started in 2010 around the MXR hubs when i found them cheap on CL. For the story, i was confirmed they belonged to our french superstar Eric Minozzi (World and European champion, he even raced in USA in early 90's) So then i tried to mount all my favorite parts from that period (first owner bought the frameset in november 1988, i still have the invoice and og padset) I just never found a 1st gen ELF zipback seatpost, but Revcore one is nice as well. Submitted here in 2012, improved in 2014, and i made the very last change last year. Only thing i'm still not happy with is the paint, it's well done and close to og but not exactly the same and a bit thick, i'll make it repainted some day...

Parts list:

Frame/forks: 1988 Cycle-Craft Pro XL
Headset: NOS Mori epoch
Stem: DK Pro XL
Handlebars: Fred'z (cut + home made extenders)
Grips: 80's A'ME unitron
Cranks: 1988 GT Power Series
Sprocket: Redline 44T
Bottom Bracket: NOS Tange 220-SB
Chain: Izumi 2L
Pedals: Revcore 1st gen.
Brake: Odyssey pit bull
Brake lever: Dia Compe tech 7
Cable: Porkchop
Brake pads: NOS Dia Compe Nippon
Rims: Araya 7X 36s 20x1.75
Hubs: MXR
Spokes: NOS Asahi
Freewheel: NOS Shimano 333
Tires: NOS Tioga Comp IV fat/skinny
Seat post: Revcore
Seat clamp: DK 2nd gen.
Seat: 1987 Italia Grand Prix
Number plate: NOS Crit
Padset: NOS Cycle-Craft

Submitted by Lefred

  • Race
  • Company: Cycle Craft
  • Model: Pro XL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20
  • Headtube size: 1"