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1987 CW Racing California Shaker

1987 CW Racing California Shaker

My humble tribute to two giants of our sport, Ceppie Maes and CW Racing.

I purchased this bike as a complete for my birthday in March of 2013 and just finished on November 2016.
I was inspired by Ceppie's picture where he's doing the Stubble Duck wearing the yellow tank top, in front of a blue house. On that bike, he was using what seems to be a polished DK stem and silver brake cables. I also liked the Velo Gripper seat better than the Shot Gun II. Anyway, the result is what you see. I tried to replicate a lot of the details I saw in pictures. Turns out the build was fairly complex due to all of the subtle details found all over it, it was a great adventure and amazing learning experience!
A big thanks goes out to, first and foremost, Ceppie Maes and CW Racing for being the spark that got me into BMX and Freestyle.  
Also, this awesome place and guys like donvader88, Mixfx, Juan Mattos, Derek Oriee, Carlos in Puerto Rico, Andy Gilmour of Gilmour Bikes for all the fabrication and many others on this forum who helped me along the way.
I'd like to do a photo session for this bike but I couldn't keep it off the museum any longer!!! until then, please enjoy these pics.....
I hope you guys like it as much as I do!


Race fork with welded cable guide, pegs and grip tape
OG cable guides removed and new ones added onto the down tube
Welded rear pegs with grip tape
Reversed sprocket
Modified rear Sturmey Archer brake arm to fit frame
Enlarged stamped logos (front gussets and rear drop outs) done by me with a Dremel engraving tool, to prevent powder from filling them in

Bike Check

Frame: 1987 CW California Shaker with custom modifications
Forks:  New CW Racing race forks, replicas of the ones used in the 80s bikes (Thank you Juan Mattos!)
Decal Set: CW Racing (Thank you Juan Mattos!)
Handlebars: CW Racing Premium Bars, re powdered (Thank you Manuel Chagoya!)
Grips: A'ME Bubble Font, survivors
Stem: DK Square Corner
Headset: NOS Tioga Beartrap II
Detangler: NOS Skyway Spin Master
Brake levers: ACS Locking Levers, survivors
Front brake: NOS 2/85 Sturmey Archer Drum Brake Hub
Rear Brake: NOS 4/87 Sturmey Archer Drum Brake Hub
Front Brake cable: NOS Dia Compe, dated 06.12.87 
Rear Brake cable: NOS Dia Compe, dated 06.12.87
Seat post: CW, original to the F/F
Seat: Velo Gripper, survivor
Seat clamp: 80s Dia Compe MX Hinged, survivor (Thanks Chromey!)
Bottom bracket: NOS Yamamoto MBS-1000
Cranks: one piece, 175mm, powdered, original to the bike
Sprocket: 42t Tuf Neck, powdered
Power Disc: Tuf Neck, powdered, no stamp
Chain: NOS KMC 
Pedals: MKS Grafight, survivors
Front Wheel: NOS Sturmey Archer hub laced to NOS ACS Z Rims (Thank you Carlos for the Zs!)
Rear Wheel: NOS Sturmey Archer hub laced to NOS ACS Z Rims (Thank you Carlos for the Zs!)
Freewheel: 80s Suntour 16t, survivor
Tires: Tioga Comp ST, near mint

Submitted by racer155