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1984 CW Racing California FreeStyle

1984 CW Racing California FreeStyle

Another VERY rare, early freestyler!

This bike was a long time coming.  I bought this from a friend of mine, who's brother was the original own.  My friend knew I had wanting one of the Luggage Rack CW's for a long time.  I was finally able to work out a deal where we both we happy in the end.  It had actually sat un-built for the better part of 5 years before I decided to mock it up as you see it for better storage.  I also wanted to see what it would look and feel like built up. (NOT FOR SALE)

Here's a breakdown of its build:

Frame / Fork: CW California Freestyle - "Luggage Rack" – original finish and original stickers

Handlebars: CW Freestyle – original finish and original stickers

Grips: A'me Cam's - NOS, prior to building

Stem: DK - used

Headset: Hatta - used

Mags: ACS Z-rims – (lightly used)

Tires: GT 1.75” Front and Rear - used

Brakes: Dia-Compe – MX 1000’s – Front and Rear - used

Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 3's  – used

Cables: Generic - used

Pedals: SR  - NOS, prior to building

Crank: Sugino CT - 3 piece – NOS, prior to building

Bottom Bracket: Sugino - sealed bearing - NOS, prior to building

Chainring: Sugino - 44T – NOS, prior to building

Seat: Elina UL - Ultra Light - NOS, prior to building

Seat Post Clamp: SR – used

Submitted by radmeon