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1984 CW Racing Camaretta Phaze 1

1984 CW Racing Camaretta Phaze 1

CW's "Complete Bike" version of the iconic Phaze 1

Here we have a somewhat rare Camaretta Phaze 1. The difference being the Camaretta was sold as a high-end, complete bike bundle, while the Phaze 1 was only available as a frame and fork set. Something that is a little different on this has both round chain and seat stay bridges, and a "CZ3 XXXX" serial. Most Phaze 1's tend to omit the 3. This could just be a coincidence. Some have guessed that the differences are nothing more than a change in model year from 83 to 84. Others have guessed that it's just a typical "whatever CW had in the bin on the day it was built" kind of thing. Either way, there are not too many with this setup, and it possibly could be a late 83. Just not enough of them to know for sure, and CW's records are kind of sketchy.

Camaretta Phaze 1 Frame/Forks refinished by Chip at C4
Shadow Bull Bars
NOS Revcore Flagpole Seat Post
NOS Revcore Stem
Araya 7X Shiny Side's laced to Shimano DX hubs.
CW labeled Comp III style Tires
Super Maxy Cranks 
Tuf-Neck Tiger Stamp Chainwheel
Suntour XC-II Pedals
Terry Cable with Shimano Lever Boot
Shimano DX Lever
Dia-Compe 883 Caliper
Mushroom Grips (for now)
Tange Headset
Elina Seat

Enjoy and Thanks for looking fellas!

Submitted by CW junkie

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