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2012 CW Racing Phaze 1 Tracer Finn

2012 CW Racing Phaze 1 Tracer Finn

......Phaze One...... Finn~

2012 CW Racing Phaze 1

Phaze 1 Tracer Finn Signature Series.

#005 of 15

Special thanks to Juan from CW who went above and beyond making this a real 'custom work'.  He aloud me to break the rules on this bike and dress her in my favorite color.  The memorizing CosmicChrome finish just explodes in person.  This highly involved finishing process was not offered for the release of this race set, making this already limited frame set the only one done using this finish and color and truly ONE of a kind.  No corners were cut in the production of these incredible frame sets. Made in the U.S.A. with American steel from True Temper,  no pots and pans were melted down to make this baby! 

   I wanted to blend the best of both worlds using both Retro and old school parts. No expense was spared getting this one together and  most of all the parts used for this build were found here at the museum after countless hours of lurking, lol.  My favorite parts are the few SUPER RARE parts that were/are almost impossible to find, the CW hubs tied in with the chrome Ayara hoops just take this already nectar frame set to that 'Next level".  A few more vintage parts such as the polished Revcore stem keep in theme.  Another bit of luck a had with getting this all together was with the pad set believe it or not, the chrome set of pads you see did not come with the set because Flite was out of the chrome like material, I had to hunt these babies down as well.  The pads were a true score as well since they match up with the chrome brake cables perfectly keeping everything in sync. Last but not least some tasty rubber such as the CW tires, Skyway pads, and Oakley B1B's finish off this dream build with that extra touch of class.  Prior to building this race set all the parts were to be used on another CW project I had been planning to build, but being #5, this seemed more fitting for the event I had planed to attend. She was finished just in time to make it down for Spring Fling #5 down in Tampa Bay and mingle with the other nectar rides.

    This project was quite different from my other builds, since I did not have to hunt down dated or era correct parts, making this project a little more fun being able to just do want and just go with parts I thought look best.  I'm very pleased with the finished product and look forward to my next build, though I'm not sure how I can top this ride.
Enjoy, and thanks for looking!  

Parts list:

-2012 CW Racing Phaze 1 Frame, Forks, Bars & Post

-CW Racing Chrome Pads by Flite 

-CW Blue Carbon number plate

-Revcore "thumbsticker"seat post clamp

-Revcore Polished Stem (vintage)

-Redline 175MM Flight cranks with custom decals

-Profile 44th Imperial Chain wheel 

-Bullseye BB (matching blue color)

-Izumi chrome chain

-New Candy Blue Hutch pedals

-Ayara 7x Chrome rims with blue nipples (vintage)

-"VERY RARE"  CW hubs (vintage)

-CW Tires (vintage)

-CW Revcaps 

-Reissue Aero blue Kashimax Seat 

-Reissue 2010 Oakley Black on Black B1B's / Oakley Crudplugs

- NOS MX1000 on the rear,  Mint  MX1000 caliper on the front.... / NOS Skyway Pro pads

-PorkChop chrome brake sleeves with stainless steel cables

-Tech 4 levers (vintage, Dated 1985)

  More pics to come...

Submitted by Spector007