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2011 CW Racing Phaze 1 Twenty Four

2011 CW Racing Phaze 1 Twenty Four

Short of an OG Phaze 1 Cruiser, this in my mind is the ultimate cruising machine, simply awesome.

This is the 1st Phaze 1 Cruiser of the Re-Issue framesets (serial number PHAZE 1 TF XP) that were released hence why this is a 2011 and the others will be 2012. I wanted to build this up to with the best of up to date 'Old School' parts so i tried to get all reissue parts where i could to match the framesets age, i thnk i done pretty good and i think it looks awesome.

RI denotes Reissue


2011 CW Phaze 1 Cruiser Prototype Frameset - RI

CW Cruiser Bars - RI

Hutch Deep 'H' Stem - RI

Oakley B1B Grips - RI

Tioga Bear Trap ll Headset

DC Tech 3 Lever - RI

DC Cable

DC MX1000 - RI with OG Weinman adjuster and Quick Release

CW/Revcore Thumb Sucker Seat Post Clamp - RI

CW Legend Post - RI

Kashimax Aero Seat - RI with Custom Decals

Profile 180mm Anniversary Box Cranks numbered 194 - RI

Profile Spider - RI

Pork Chop 39T Chain Wheel

Hutch Pro Pedals - RI

Shimano 16T Freewheel

Izumi Chain

Skyway 24" Tuff ll Wheels with 'Campy' Hubs - RI

Cheng Shin Tyres - RI

Submitted by AKGOFF

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