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1986 CW Racing California FreeStyle

1986 CW Racing California FreeStyle

Lav./Chrome/White Freestyler

This one was a long time in the making. I got the frame/fork (different fork)/bars and a few other parts from an auction before I got married. When I got it I was a real busy with wedding stuff and kind of put it aside. Other projects kept getting ahead of it, but here it is, finally. Some original finish parts, some used, some re-done.

  • Frame/Fork: CW original finish and stickers on frame, forks repaired and re-done with JDB repro stickers on them.
  • Bars: CW Freestyle, original chrome with repro sticker on it.
  • Stem: ACS slant 55 original finish/sticker
  • Grips: A'me Unitron NOS
  • Brake Levers: Odyssey RX-3 with Willinois lever covers
  • Brakes: Odyssey 2000
  • Brake Pads: Odyssey
  • Wheels: OGK Star mags, (not Hutch)
  • Tires: Tioga Comp Pool NOS
  • Seat: Kashimax Tioga Freestyle
  • Seat Post: old chrome one, re-painted, repro sticker
  • Seat Clamp: ??? Nice though, was NOS, sort of like a later Hutch one.
  • Cranks: Takagi 1-piece 175
  • Sprocket: Tuf-Neck
  • Pedals: KKT
  • Pegs: original to the frame and fork, re-painted by Lou.
  • Rotor: ACS
  • ODI bottom bracket bering cap
  • Dice valve caps

Submitted by donvader88

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